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“Thank-you for your wonderful personal service”

Alex Z

“Every week I would listen, and for the most part I didn’t think it really affected me. I’m young and indestructible, why do I need it?

Well after a while, it sinks in and you can’t be young and indestructible forever… so I decided I would protect myself and my family and trust Heather Freed with insuring my freedom.

I didn’t know a thing about insurance and I found it extremely helpful and beneficial that heather was able to take the time to go over all the different types of plans that best suited me.

It can definitely be quite confusing and Heather was there to explain everything and anything and answer all my unusual questions.

Her guidance and knowledge was invaluable and I would definitely recommend anybody, young or old, to talk with heather and make sure their future is protected.”

Neil C

“I have known Heather for more than 20 years. I have had various insurance policies for the last 10 years or so.

I wanted to switch my business to Heather because I believe in her integrity towards her clients.

She looked at my policies for disability and health insurance and told me to stay where I am because she felt that I was being well covered and would not ask me to switch just to “give her business”. Heather is a rare gem of a person.

So, I always refer my clients to her because I know that they be treated with the utmost respect and care and she will make sure they are getting real value for their money. I could not ask for more.”

Darlene S

22 February, 2010

To Whom It May Concern,
I am an analyst and trader and was looking to protect myself from unforeseen events that could affect my life and business. I was looking for an insurance advisor that was experienced and could give me

advice on the amount I needed now and for the future.

I obtained life insurance from Heather Freed a couple months ago because I wanted to secure my family. Heather was very accommodating and was able to give me advice on the best decision to make. When an issue came up, Heather went out of her way to rectify the situation. I was very pleased with her service and thus have already recommended her to my friends and family.


Ron H

To Whom It May Concern,

I am a small business owner and I was looking to protect myself from unforeseen events that could affect my life and business. With numerous insurance products out there, I needed someone who can assess my situation and recommend a product that is right for me at this time, with the flexibility to adapt with me as my needs and situation changes.

I went for an initial consultation with Heather, and was happy at how plain and simple everything was laid out for me. Heather was always a phone call or an email away and addressed all my questions and concerns in a timely manner. After a review of my situation, she recommended a few options that were suitable, and made it very easy for me to decide on an insurance product that fits my needs and budget.

I would highly recommend Heather to my friends, family or clients looking for any type of personal insurance as I’ll be choosing her for all my future insurance purchases.

Reshma N

In January, 2009, my wife and I entered the real estate market when we made an offer on a house. After some negotiations, the offer was accepted, and we were to become home owners on March 27, 2009. When seeing the amount we were going to owe the bank, we realized that we needed to get some life insurance. We did not know where to start when considering the various options and coverage amounts, but luckily, we did not need to stress about it because we met with Heather.

Heather met with us at a time that was convenient for us (in the evening, as we both work long hours), and at a place that was convenient for us (a coffee shop near our apartment). Not only did she go through and explain the various types of coverages to us, but she made a recommendation based on our circumstances. That recommendation allowed us to have the protection we desired, while still letting us have the financial flexibility needed to acclimatize ourselves to the inevitable surprises of owning a home.

In addition, we felt great knowing that as a broker, Heather was going to various insurance companies to find the protection that best suited our situation. Ultimately she provided us with two options from which to choose.

Come next year, once we are settled in the house, we have the option to re-evaluate our coverage. We have no doubt that we shall use Heather’s services again.

Thank you Heather – peace of mind is a wonderful thing!

Yours very truly,

Yoni M

You always seem to know your stuff, and you have options. A lot of other people I talk to always seem to need time to figure things out.

Shelina M

Thank you for your help and excellent service over the past year and will definitely keep you in mind if we require coverage in the future.


Marilyn H